Artists Statement-Evolution

My current series of acrylics and oil is a study in movement, texture, color and light, designed to evoke thought, feeling and conversation.The subjects of my compositions are found in the space between our challenges and rewards, that process that brings both endings and rebirth to our lives. Deep human emotional connection, nature and my perspective on the society in which we all live are the constant inspiration for my life and body of work.

For me, painting exists as a spark of recognition of the magical moments that remain outside of time and just beyond our fingertips. The framed brush strokes are not the half forgotten memories or long remembered dreams themselves; they are an invitation and the means to remember. My goal isn’t abstraction, but true and definitive expression. These compositions are the experiences that we have the hardest time finding the words to describe but to which we most easily relate.

I draw my inspiration from the greats: Miro, with his use of the space in between; Pollock, with his untamed yet calculated passion; Dali with a gift and vision only his mind could truly create and Picasso a master who’s brilliance needs no explanation. As a poet I draw additional inspiration from Bukowski, Emerson, Cummings, Shakespeare, Platt and countless more.

The human condition allows us all to love and lose, prosper and suffer. It’s my hope that art reminds us of our similarities, of our shared existence, and our collective memory. I believe that art can evoke long-lost passion or draw tears of memorable joy. It was only since I was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease that I truly have been able to see the gift I have been given, not the ability to do art or be a painter but the ability to live my life with clarity and purpose, hope and strength.It is through this process of art that I hope to share these gifts with all whom I come in contact with.

Have passion for life, everyday. Give to those who have not and ask nothing for yourself. With any luck life will be kind and reward in ways yet unseen. Namaste.Benjamin

Have passion for life, everyday. Give to those who have not and ask nothing for yourself. With any luck life will be kind and reward in ways yet unseen. Namaste. Benjamin

Art reminds us that the seemingly opposite forces of joy and sorrow are working together to inspire us to find balance in who we are. The beat of my artist’s heart was sparked by my late father as he was the first to place a brush in my hand when I was six years old. My deepest reward is my loving family * and amazing children who are by far my greatest Joy and accomplishment. I miss them all dearly.

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Benjamin M Prewitt
“A life in progress”


55 thoughts on “Artists Statement-Evolution

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  2. Thank you so much! For sharing you with myself and others. Your words are beautiful, your thoughts are much like your brush strokes, I think. Your art is wonderful. In any format you convey that inner most part of you. Your ability to express your essence of being is quite outstanding as is your artistry! Again my thanks! Penny


  3. Hi, BENJAMIN!

    I just ‘discovered’ your work.
    Your art has color, movement, deepness, wideness…

    You reach the skies and touch the stars…
    At the same time, you dive deep into life’s mysteries and search for answers…

    You are getting them, my friend…
    and giving to the world the gift of your sensitiveness.

    I’m sure you’ll overcome the ‘old Al’ … The scientific researches are increasing more and more …

    So, please: ‘draw a smile’ on your face’,
    Let hope grow in your soul,
    Maintain strength in your heart,
    And pray to God – HE will perform the miracle you are looking for.

    I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES, BENJAMIM! They do happen. We must maintain our eyes wide opened and our hearts receptvive… and talk with God…

    Yours, in true tender friendship,

    PS – I’ll be ‘visiting’ this page of yours every day from now on.


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  10. Under whatever circumstances I have, I am happy to have found you here Benjamin. To read your statement is like reading from the walls of my own heart. Except, I didn’t have to muster the courage to articulate it as you have so brilliantly. I will be following your journey as I continue mine. Thank you for sharing all you do


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