In a lifetime

I sit blindly in the dark waiting for you to come. I’ve seen your face face before, yes more than once . Years ago when you lifted me out of the culverts waters and spoke my true name. Then in year we crashed the car and I woke to your voice telling me to stay and everything was going to be okay. Then once again you came to me in the night when my body and mind were full cancer and chemicals. Now I sit blindly in the dark and wait for you to take me home. I’m tired and lonely, faced with argument and alcohol. Substance ms I left behind years ago creep back into my life and cloud the truths of what I’ve been through. This time I’m ready for you. My children don’t care to know my face and can’t remember my heart , dedication and love. I’ve no real home , certainly no real purpose in life anymore. So here I sit blindly waiting in dark for the light to take me home. This body can barely carry its own and the friends of the passed have turned to shadows of today. A family torn to pieces , a life wasted and soon to be forgotten like some many before me. I’ve grown tired and more lonely in my mind and body than ever before. I yearn to be in the UK with rolling hills and forever green. Wherever home is , that’s where I long to be, home a place I’ve not been in years . I hope you’ve found yours.B-2021


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