T’is in the deepest hours of the morning that I miss you the most. Here with crickets a coffee and smoke, by the light of phone I sit wonder. I sit and weep. It feels like electric lava, waves of panic and horrific shock roll over each ripple on my brain as the reality of my life and loss of connection to self and everything, everyone around me. I don’t expect for anyone to understand but it needs to be written. Needs to be said before I can’t remember anything about the past. I will not be here much longer . I don’t say this fear or anger, nor am I sad or in any more pain mentally or physically than I am on any given day. What I say is a reality of my condition. It’s coming on 11 years of this burden of Parkinson’s disease and I’m pretty sure nobody figured I’d live through the cancer, lol. Yet here I am writing this memo to self and those who find me here. We now live in a time that I never imagined would actually come. A time where our government is openly dishonest and deeply corrupt, racist, sexist and fraudulent. Where the Church and the Boy Scouts pay dues for their atoned sins. A time where we are quarantined and paced apart. Where this SARS-COR-2 has changed the socialogical landscape of the planet. A time when we are so scared and confused as a people that we fight amongst ourselves about the very things that are simply a living truths. Yes there is virus, yes our government is corrupt. I haven’t seen or spoken to my son or step-daughter, though I never thought of her a ( step) anything. Imagine that you woke up from bad dream and found out that the world and reality you lived in had changed completely. I can’t even begin to express the depth of this soulful pain. I don’t even know what happened , I don’t understand how or why my experience in Arizona had to happen . I don’t understand or remember why everything had to change so completely. For 16 I was the most dedicated father, husband and friend I think human being could have been. All I’ve ever wanted was a family, to feel supported and safe. I thought families worked it out, I thought friends stayed through thick and thin. Sadly they don’t. I’m not sure if I’m going to continue to be online in any capacity anymore. My PD has gotten to the point where I can’t think, I can’t complete tasks , I can’t remember to eat. I’m not sleeping well or living a life that shows any type of future besides succumbing to the burdens I bare. Soon I’ll be in full braces *two weeks. I’ve reached out to the best of my ability and I don’t know what else to do. Be well.

Benjamin M Prewitt.


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    • I just wish I knew why they all decided to leave me to this life alone. It really is af of the 16 years I gave was worth nothing. They have eachother and everything we worked for. I have nothing but a ruined body and failing mind. Sadly I fear my legacy will be one of failures and sadness.


    • Thank you, I fear the only peace this life has for me is the knowing it won’t last forever. During and after my cancer treatment I lost track of everything, then the physical and emotional abuses at the hands of a few caregivers and my life was nearly done. I just wish I knew what happened, is my son alive, if so why won’t he talk with me. Soon I’ll pack the very few items I was able to flee Arizona with and go into this last chapter of my life with the small handful of ppl that stood by my side until the end.

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  1. So much love and many blessings to you, Benjamin. I’m sending a big divine mother hug for soothing, peace, ease and flow!

    I’m so sorry you’re struggling. This is a very difficult time, but we are in the midst of great change. Be so very soft and gentle with yourself. I’m sending all my support!!

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