What can I say

These things between us have become demons and I don’t understand why, either one of had to die or go away to become a stray, a castaway from all the things that he made as if I,he me, we had a choice in the matters. All of us like mad hatter’s trying to find a perfect fit for stories omit the one thing that everyone forgot to ask why? Why did the world shift and change, rearrange it’s self in a dime? I wish knew boo, I really wish I knew. Maybe then you could too. Of all the things that have come and gone of you I understand least, I thought our bind was strong.. Even on my strongest days when the birds are singing and the medows are ringing with sounds of joyful glee. My soul is dead until I understand what happened, why you disappeared? Or did I ? I wonder why all of this came to be this vast ocean of thoughts and things of what used to be are now and have always been pieces of me. The sun tams my skin as my beard grows greyer by the day, even with my broken smile and the brightest day I miss you with every breath I’ve ever taken. Letters to my son.

Benjamin 2020


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