Letters to my son. Part:21

Coming up soon you’ll be able speak for yourself. Please know I love you and miss you every second of every day. I don’t know where things went do wrong or how I feel so far from grace. The years have stolen my memory and my belongings. Parkinson’s and cancer have ravaged my body and soul. Yet I hold hope that someday you’ll see me for the man I am and not the man the word crushed me into. Still beating deep in my chest is the same man that greeted you into this world. The same man who worked 60,70 hrs a week for more years than I can remember so that you and yours would never want for anything. Now as I sit alone with nothing to call my own no family here to ease the pains of life or give shelter from a bitter world I think to myself, I would give back every dollar for one more hug, one more smile or laugh. I’d give my life so that you could have one more breath. I love and miss you my son, with breath and fiber of my soul. Happy birthday (soon) boo. I love you.

Love , your Dad. Benjamin M Prewitt.

One thought on “Letters to my son. Part:21

  1. Please don’t die of a broken heart Benjamin my son. He will have to come around some day when he grows up. I’m going to go to Ancesetry.com to find him . Love momma


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