How to see straight in a tilted world …*Just thoughts 21/03/2020

I think I’ve forgotten how to breathe or maybe the world has gone mad with crazy and now only the crazy people see straight? Truly in these days of madness all I hear and see on social media is tension, disregard, disrespect, disinformation and fear. Maybe it’s a reflection of how Ii feel the world is or the ways I see myself/ yourself in some way or ways I suppose a person of perspective could ponder it for a lifetime or many perhaps.

What I do know is that I don’t really like or understand so much much of it. The hate has no place, the fear though of what is with this virus. That fear and theses changes that are happening now and will continue to happen are real. They will force so many people to the reexamination of they are and what they need in their heart and souls to survive. I tried to send a warning to so many people about corvid-19 in January and was met with jokes and jabs about being to serious or that I was will informed or somehow that the human being that I am that’s trapped in the this fucking broken ass body is somehow less of a man, human ,father or damn good friend when a friend was in need. Well to those of you I hope you listened in some small part of your brain and prepare at least your mind for what’s to come.. There are not words in our language that can express my sorrow and heartbreak for humanity right now. Millions I human beings are dying and suffering right now. I pray with words only God knows and understands forbid all. I hope that if you are effected directly by this virus that you heal with golden light in abundance. For those who are not ill but effected which is ever single human being on this planet. This for you. May we all use this universal silence to break from bad habits of judgment and failures as a humanity. To re learn to look to own houses for support, to our neighbors for kindness . Let us remember the times when what a person had was there words and actions. And to those words and actions they would be held accountable in all truths. Let relearn to love in the way that love was meant to be.. To lift up one another in honor of each other and in honor of self. Not to sound like a preacher because I know far better than anyone’s wild dreams the creature I am. We need to remember that to love is to give, to give is to lift up not for personal gain but to truly be lifted with joy of self because another human has reached a greater place in life. Be that place a moment in time, a day, a week a year a lifetime . Each encounter we have with each other as humans does not have to be met with deflection of one another. We should meet each leesin and leave each person feeling more embraced more supported than before. Imagine that. Imagine a world where each person you met only wanted the best for you. If words were simple and straight.. like how are you. How can help you. Or can you help me please. Or imagine if what it was like when you saw someone in pain and just wanted their pain to stop and they let you help and that how it feels t know that that behavior is normal… Normal like first nature. First thought should never be run, hide, fear or anger. First thought should always be how, why, what can I do to make it better . In doing this act.. Something that in truth is often something so little as writing a lost like this to world begging each of you to please listen to your inner self. To that small voice that’s buried under all this stuff that life has out between us. To use this time of universal silence as a time to grow, to heal and to relearn what the dedication of true love and kindness is like.. I don’t edit these free though form thought posts so please don’t call the grammar and spelling police on me.

We’re all this life together and I’ve never left your side (s) never will. Though things have changed and I’m not the man I ever was, I’m something far greater and far less at the same time, and I think that it’s just okay with me. Be loved I love you. Be kind, be brave , be bold and thrive in the life you have, you never know when it’s going to change but change it will. Benjamin-2020


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