Three A.M. and do you know where your dog is…

Two AM words that leaked from ear into the pillow. I tried to scoop them up and put them into some kind of order for you today. Be sure to chew your food. 🎙️In my best Bukowski reading voice.**. You must have a mental note of this voice for this poem to make sense in your inner (voice)head. 🎙️Art is like a lonely whore on thirds street 🚬 She wakes you at 3am to get lift into town. Makes you wait while she showers then calls you Daddy until payday.. 💸 Art is fickle but I love her so , she comes and goes , knows my name well by now. At least when she leaves she doesn’t use her teeth. I’ve taught her that much. Art is fickle though I love her so, each day before leaves she sews my heart back together, pour me a drink, kisses my forehead and gives me a small small that only I know means she’ll be back, she’s sorry she can’t stay but nobody wants to watch a young fool turn into tired warrior. Maybe I’ll sleep till Christmas or maybe I’ll pour another Scotch, change the radio and dance myself to sleep. Art is fickle but I love her so…. B-2020 #iwritestuff #bukowskifan #darkart #wordsmatter #myart #myshakylife #cancersurvivor #parkinsonswarrior ##workinprogress #iwillnevergiveup #latenightthoughts #welcometomyworld #gemini #pnwartist #liveart


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