Here we are again..

Realized something this morning.. I’m broken to love and affection. After my experience with Paula in Arizona I’m not sure I’m ever truly going to be able to trust another woman again. Recently I’ve had a number of people reach out to me, Everytime something in me is triggered that senses danger and I’m ready to bail. Sadly at this point in my parkisons disease I can deceren between those who have the best or worst intent for me. Anyhow needless to say, me being triggered messing up everything seems to be the going aftermath of my life these days ,😔😔😔😔 sad really. Anyhow I’m going to paint ,write and forget about love or anything of the sort. I’m just not sure that what’s left of me after all the stuff that I’ve anything to offer anyone.

Bye, b2020 #leftbehind


4 thoughts on “Here we are again..

  1. It’s one of the lesser known and least understood parts of Parkinsons as far as I’m concerned, though that is improving thankfully.
    Understandable that your trust level is low after everything you’ve been through, I hope someone manages to remind you we’re not all awful though hun xx


    • Not all evil just few and far between and so far all spoken for. I’ve noticed with my Parkinson’s that I’ve tended this far to have very strong secondary symptoms until this last year. Stiffness, rigidity and pain have been very hard to control. My outward tremors are stress and physically activated. Hans by my sides very little trembling. Hands outreached with even a small amount of tension or weight and they freak out 🤣🤣


      • Yeah same for me, too many dodgy experiences, so I’ve given up looking (at least for the time being).
        Spasticity, pain etc is awful to deal with, thankfully baclofen and pregabalin usually help with mine, though it still has it’s moments especially after I’ve done too much. My aunt always found her tremors calmed when she was crocheting weirdly, whereas my Uncle (yes my family is that lucky that two unrelated relatives both have PD) was more like you, sitting still he was fine but any movement and they went berserk lol.xx


      • Im so glad someone can relate. I’m getting ready start Rasegaline and Rivastigmmine here next Monday hoping dearly that they help. Soon the neuro-psyc test them hopefully shortly after the dbl. DBS


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