I deleted you today.

I deleted you today took your contacts and threw them away deleted our history our pictures to 3 years of love in friendship and what could I do. I texted I called I prayed and I waited, but all these days and I believe that our histories faded. I can’t reach out to you anymore because our history is gone everything’s been deleted so now let it be repeated once upon a Time we had a thing we almost got married and I gave you a ring little did I know you had little Emma inside . I wonder what it would have been like to see her little face I wonder who she looked like or if someone else took my place. Doesn’t matter now everything’s been deleted only the history in my head will the story be repeated. Goodbye my friend words I never thought I’d say certainly not on this fine day, but I guess as things shall be, you never really wanted the entirety of me. So now I hope when your times get bad you think of me and the things we had. Good-bye forever..

Benjamin 2020


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