All we are…

As the heavens gave way to light that spread that day, those moments we shared . Every last whisper, every last kiss. I remember them all. The touch of your hair, the pull if your hand in mine. The look in your eyes as they met mine and we wonder if, could it be could be. Can you be the one for me?? I feels so right it feels so real until it doesn’t..

Sadly tomorrow always comes and if we don’t hold onto to the things we cherish most they truly will slip away before your eyes. In our heads we give second chances but in our hearts we always say no. It was in that beautiful last dance I realized that you had gone. You’d found a heart better than mine. More deserving of your gaze and tender care… It was in those final moments of hope that never came, just one second I thought.. You’re here , I’ve waited like a good boy, said my prayers and brushed my teeth . Pushed all the demons away so I could see clearly again.. On that beautiful morning I wrote for us, but it would never be. Even though I could see, taste every future laugh and color of plate.. I was to late… For that I will be forever sorry.



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