Time to “write” some wrongs…

Somewhere in the story of life we got lost you and I. I thought I’d found you only to have you fade away. Where you’ve gone I don’t know. I don’t how you are or where you’ve been. All I know is I miss you. I’ve nothing to give anymore for it’s all been taken from me. My heart though is pure yet tired. I yearn like a child to be held once again.

My mind is always awash a million trillion thoughts at once colors taste funny and sound feels soooo good. I will I could share the world as I see I am feel eachday . I wish I could share it with you these colors of the world, these dreams and hopes for a greater place than I . Dreams to give back to the earth to the world and humankind . To do one last good deed before my bones lock in place and my mind fades away.

You know I loved you from the first time I saw your face .. I have to go now for tears cloud my eyes like years that have hardened my heart. I have nothing to give but myself and that never seems to be enough for anyone. It’s okay I’ll soon fade away with the knight sky. Until then I’ll play with words like you played with heart. Someday I’ll be whole again. Someday…but not today.

b-2019 #iwritestuff


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