Catching up with time.

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I don't have much to say to be honest. I'm happy mostly. A bit lonely but thankfully I'm aware of this feeling. One thing I'd like to say is you'll have to pardon my absence. I'm finding that social media has a dark side that I need to take a break. I realized that none of the people that are in my life right now on a day to day basis cause me to be upset in anyway. Yay right 🤘🙏😂 first time in a very long time. Recently I've been experiencing some very severe cellular level Fatigue and Parkinson's grade anxiety attacks. Not pretty stuff, often the kind of thing that people go to the hospital for. I've been keeping it to myself until now. So I looked at my life and realized that my only stress comes from some of the connection I've made and decision I've or kept for one reason or another online. Well no more zero tolerance for BS. For those of you who know how kind I really am in my heart, I know I'll hear from you DM or whatever. I'm only going to be posting maybe once a day idk. My real-life is very consuming. It's hard living with Parkinson's disease. I don't think people understand that well enough. It's really hard to go through cancer treatment and caregiver abuse,.then try to recover from all of that with seriously the most messed up people I've ever had the challenge of meeting. Trying to take everything from me. I'm tired. Worn-out and yeah.😒 I just looked at the start of this post 😂😂 apparently I did have alot to say.🤔 Oh and by the way I'm making my IG private for a while. I never came here to achieve anything other that to share my art and words. To express my story of Parkinson's and Cancer survival. Now back on point I realize that 99% of my grief and conflict in this life comes from my online connections. So I'm done with that. Please feel free to follow or not. I will be deleting I'm sure a ton of bot accounts following me and I'll be deleting anyone that I follow but doesn't follow me. Any how that was way more than intended. Going private on Sunday 5-12-2019. ✌️ I hope you all have a great day. Please feel free to reach out, I even have a phone like a real human. 😂🤖. Much love and light to all of you. Benjamin-2019 #myshakylife

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