The world as I see it.

As I’ve grown older the world has changed a great deal. I’ve always been a watcher. Since I was a very very young boy I’ve been watching listening and most importantly I’ve been understanding the things and situations around me. Now I’m finding the one thing I don’t understand is the amount of cruelty in our world. When did it become a world of killers a world of sinners walking around in the skins of saints. House tainted with lies and demons so deep, generations of demons .

I find that each time I reach out to the world as it is, it bites me hard, I see it’s evils and I’m done with it. I’ve my purpose on this planet. You’ll have to come to me. I’m done playing games . I do not fear commitment , I fear lack there of. If you need be I’ll be getting ready for the spring and summer.



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