The day will come.. ***morning free write full of bitter rage and wondering thoughts. Maybe some content idk.

Into the dragons heart I fell. Full bore I ran eye wide soul open and free. I thought you had me, I thought I could soar with you by my side . I was wrong. I’ve been devoured and spit out . Bitter tears engulf my heart as I replace the things you stole from me. The memories you killed of mine because your own were to horrific to bare.

Each painting, piece,each dish and cup of which you know the story to. Each piece as i bared my heart and soul to you through each memory I shared. Now you bare the curse and scares of my entire families history of life on this planet and you burned it as I lay dying thousands of miles away. Shame on you and your houses, for a thousand, thousand years. Shame to those who would feed upon the plate of the weak and dying and make it there own.

One day, one day in time as the last breath leaves your body and you watch the lights fade, you will fall from the heavens as the demons tare your flesh and I will cherish the thought that justice has been served.

It is through these small verses of curses that I spare myself the agony of being what I was created for. You… I pledged to protect and serve you…. I would have given my life for you. Us, We gave me new hope of what could be, now pray to heavens above as you’ve destroyed everything I used to be that never ever in this life you meet the new me. This monster you’ve created of hatred of what you used to be. That demon that ate you….. It wasn’t me.. yet I bare scares of whom you’ve come be.

I’m more alive now than I’ve ever been. You’ve washed away all that I was. Now I choose where to begin….. I’m free from the sins of my past now you live with them and I hope the memories last.

God bless, my grandmother lost crystal and dishes. My son’s baby blanket and dead father’s photos.

I’ve learned the lesson of the dead, nobody leaves with these things. They are reminders of the memories we cherish most in this life, yet they are just things, you can’t take them with you from life to the next.

I am stronger now, stronger than you will ever be. A time will come hard and fast your pulse will race and the smell of almonds and buttermilk will fill the air. Do be well and do take care. I wish you well maybe I’ll be there to see it, as you gasp your last air. Sad to see you leave with such dispare.

The end…. The sun rises soon and I chose to leave the darkness where the darkness is do. In the darkness of the light is where I leave you. For I will Rise above your darkness. I’ll leave it here and there for the world to see. A simple reminder to all the world of who not to be. B-2019

***The purging of the human heart is a requirement of sane living in an insane world. My purging is my perception of the time I met a real life monster in the desert. A soul eating demon of a human being whom I wouldn’t wish for anyone to ever have to relive what happened to me.

Not even considering the fact that during the events that happened I happen to have Parkison’s disease baring down and barely being a year after cancer treatment. Please forgive my evil filled rant this morning but all of my grandmothers 3 I’m total used to say better out than in…..

Much love, much light and let the healing begin. Well continue really 😇 🙏📿

I win.

B.h. Umble 😉


2 thoughts on “The day will come.. ***morning free write full of bitter rage and wondering thoughts. Maybe some content idk.

    • Thank you, I don’t share these thing in RL with anyone really. In small bits and pieces because of he rage and pure sorrow they invoke. 😦 But I’m trying daily to rise above and embrace the freedom instead of the void that has been left.

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