Purge of fears, anger and sadness.

I’m a sick with grief and sorrow today for I miss the things of my past. A gentle kiss or kind hand. A soft whisper without a hurtful hint of venom or distrust. Yes, I am broken. I spin like a top out of control, but I am real, I here. I am me underneath these shakes and quakes. Behind this fog that keeps the truth and simple things from me. That hides the common behind a ten billion thoughts a second. I can bare no more. I hate that you left me when you knew I was hurting, breaking inside and trying as hard as I could to climb free of this dying shell.

Now I am worse than before you found me . Hear that loud and clear. Let that sit on your tongue and rot in stomach is it does mine everyday.! I wake to this rotting corpse, daily I am more broken inside and out because of my time with you. The cost of your love, of life not the money we burn, but the life we lead and memories we keep. How we treat those and how we try to make amends for our sins shows who we are. Let that speak loudly . I’m hurt today.

I feel deeply and passionately about life. Now I’m done with this rant of pain and spilled words. I’ve got to go be cut open . Cheers .

Benjamin-2019 true story


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