Watch “Eartha Kitt – Santa Baby” on YouTube

Merry Christmas everyone. I’ll not be posting much for a while. This new year I’ll be focusing heavily on myself. I failed miserably with my attempt to better my life by moving to Arizona. That try at life cost me literally everything important to me in the world. I left my heart it 2018. As far as personal relationships go. Yeah idk I’m thinking that I’m going to do what I wanted to do before I tried to move away before. Tiny house, still in Oregon so I get my benefits state and federal. Then I’m going to paint, write and die.
I can’t seem to find a companion that can handle both me and Parkinson’s at the same time. I’ve not talked to or even know where my son and daughter are. To be truthful as a human can be I hate this life it’s nothing close to what I wanted nor I it really something I’m enjoying. Dying slowly before the world. As I and you watch the person I used to be wash away. I can’t imagine it’s terribly fun for anyone.
On a much happier note. Within the next few months I’ll be at a place where I can pretty much go wherever I want in Oregon and well that’s what I’m going to do. Leave Salem and do me in a place where I can live in peace of mind, heart body and soul.
Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you. May this new year bring clarity, love, hope and happiness to all of your houses. Hold daily to those people and things you love. One act of human kindness or bad choice can change everything in a split second so be thankful for what you have, you’ll miss it when it’s gone in ways you never imagined possible. Trust me I know. Again be well and love this life, it’s short, brilliant, beautiful and tragically painful. Enjoy it all while it’s yours.
Love and light.

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