Open Arms….

I came to you with open arms. A man broken and tired from the trials of life. You, warm, soft, kind at first. I almost felt as though God himself sent me home to you… I’ve been wrong alot lately. With aching bones I spoke. My heart with my best words and truest intent… You kisses me and welcomed me home. Said it would be okay we’d go slow nobody needs to know… Now I know why… It’s because the love that you offered was a lie. I’m not sure where it came from or what it could have been. But here we were just starting to begin….again…. Then the same rains began to fall. Your head got foggy or clouded by the attention from all….of the people and places and faces you’ve seen, when you were younger and playing the scene. Well now my sweet dear it is time to think. You’ve walked to the well, are you going to drink….

Thoughts from the Misty morning of my soul..




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