This life….

This life, this love, that flows freely between you and me. Of nature or natural, of nurture or need, of sanctuary or seduction. These veins fill with life, with love that flows freely as this grows into the tree it will be, this life, this love…… between you and me.

A morning freewrite. Trying hard to re-become the person I aspire to be. So often I speak of free will and choices. So often in life we find ourselves in situations where someone or something is or has taken our freewill or choices away. Well I’ve learned good or bad, it is the perception and the choice that is always our own. Choose wisely.

Since I was born I’ve been a sensitive human, a kind hearted, giving to a fault human. Circumstances in this life have made me hard and deeply bitter I have-had realized. Over the last year I’ve shed that skin, I’ve been through the hells of This life one last time and have purged, rather forcefully the last evils from my life.

People,places things, behaviors that have gone unchecked or unrealized for to long. It’s I’mpossible for me to accurately describe to you what it’s like in my head now after 9 years with Parkisons disease, 7 hard f’ing years of balancing medications with life altering personal events. A whole new level of clarity and yes at times a whole new level of lows. Let’s just say read the book. It’ll make more sense than me explaining it all.

The one thing I want you to take a way from reading this today. Is even in the face of certain death, a slow miserable death, (Google late stage Parkinson’s disease) I CHOOSE everyday to try to be a better person today than I was yesterday…. The worst thing I figure can happen is at least I tried when millions didn’t.

One person can make a difference. Sincerely, Benjamin M Prewitt.



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