AM thoughts 20-10-2018

It’s interesting to me how in this life we collect things, not just items of purchase. We collect phrases and give attachment to them. For instance, on my Grandmother Ruths death bed she told me, “Benjamin, my sweet boy don’t be sad. I’ll always be with you. Each time you need strength to get through life. As the wind blows think of me and I’ll be there for you giving you mine. Keeping you strong.”….

I think of her daily as I walk this Earth in this body that fails with this hands that shake and quake more and more as the years go by.

Another small story of my life. Once a man so talk and gentle. A giant to me a center of family, a soldier and warrior, my Grandfather, one of three. He being the man that he was a trainer and commander of dogs and men of war. He bestowed a gift to me at such a young age. “Can you those stars? That’s Orions belt, if you are ever travelling far from home an feel affraid or lost find these three stars and let them give you comfort.” He said “No matter how long or how far you have to go, if you follow them all the way they will lead you home.” To this day as a grown man and literally tens of thousands of times in my life has the remembering of those words given me strength.

I could go on for pages with the adventure of my story and someday I will. For today that enough. The neuropathy in my feet lately has been tremendous. Pins and needles, liquid electric fire that radiates explosively through my bones and skin. I guess that’s the best way to describe the sensation. Anyhow it doesn’t feel very friendly 🙂 I hope wherever you are and whatever you’re doing that you know you are loved and cherished, appreciated and respected.

Words to take with you, “I believe in you.” Have a great day.



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