Beautiful Morning – Desperate heart.

With every breath I miss you as I stand under the powder blue sky. A Skyline laced with golden ribbons of pink and fire as it licks the morning blues from their sleep.

Come my child, watch the morning sky lit with fire with me. Come stand by my side once more as day unfolds,. Letting the possibility of infinite joy and happiness Cascade over the past pains and tears of life gone by.

Here I search the desert to be reborn. To be found again in this heart of darkness as it bares witness to the life granted to this man. My life has changed but the faces and places that haunt me , mocking me end.

I find familiar everywhere yet nothing is the same. I look at the morning sky and weep tears of confusion as the days pass. Such a beautiful morning, such a beautiful day… Then why?… Why do I ache so though as do. This internal missive that echos through time.. someday I will truly rest in the arms of Angels and then maybe I shall sleep free of this mortal coil and demons that destroy my slumber.

May all your days be filled with confidence in whom you are and the choices you’ve made.


Benjamin 2018


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