Sunday morning Sadness.

Letters to my son:vol: 19

I woke weeping that day. Today…. It might as well have been any day since the day my life changed. Have you ever had everything you hold most important taken from you?? Taken from you by somethinhg you can’t control? Like say your own body and mind. Parkinson’s disease and Cancer. I woke weeping today feeling the full loss of your love. Feeling the weight and gravity of this lifetime all at once like a weight to heavy to bare. A crushing,all consuming sadness. Seven hours later and the tears still flow as hide from the sunshine today. Darkness filles my heart today for soon my son I’ll be gone and will have missed your years of being a young man. I’ll have missed you and your life our lives as men together. I’ve so much to teach amd share about life and it’s perils. Don’t fish in the Midwest, do eat steak. Don’t date people who have more than one name online and never assume you have life figured out because the second you do it’ll change and new challenges and lessons will present themselves. Be kind to everyone and someday hopefully it will come back to you. The only reason I’m alive now is because of the graciousness of the universe. There are really good people in the world. Don’t become so jaded that losethe ability to see them. I worked all my life away so you could have a better one than me. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there to see you grow into the good hearted man I k iw you are. I love you Andersen. I always have and always will.

Love Dad.


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