When the blues get the blues.

When angels fall it’s a sad day and when one of them your friend it’s even harder to come to grips with. It’s funny in a way how people effect us or better said how we let people have effect upon us. On the 05/23/2018 a friend yes, more a hero to me. A beacon of Hope and beauty a reason to smile and think maybe,just maybe I too can beat this cancer. This young woman was another human who was full of life, love,angels and demons a passion for life. She’s gone now and the world is at a loss. For her light was one of a very few who kept my head above water during cancer treatment.

She will be missed and always remembed. @peanut35 on Instagram. Jean Chelle aka Ms.Hopkins 💙 you were one of a kind my dear. May you rest at heavens gate awhile . Even the Ravens need rest. Forevermore.




8 thoughts on “When the blues get the blues.

  1. OO she was so young, sorry to hear about this Benjamin. Sometimes you don’t need a physical connection to be good friends and I lost one of my close blog friends last year and I was as sad as if it were someone I visited regularly, in fact I still miss hearing from her now.

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    • So many over the years yourself included have given me strength during my battles with cancer and Parkisons disease. It’s sad when the ones we to have the best in the world leave so soon and so suddenly.

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