The devil in your ear and heaven in your heart.

The chill isn’t to let go, she holds on to bitter end won’t say hello or goodbye but the boys of summer already came to her I’m sure they’ll come again. Though not i. I’ve been deemed unworthy a nuisance for being a light in darkness, for being a voice of truth in world designed to take from you everything. I was brought into your life to give it all back, to pick up the things you left a stray and make right the wrongs of a father’s past..

I was warned by he and many others that your demons still boiled in the money pits of psychics. the devil’s gift to mankind a reminder of the gifts of God cast down from heaven. For it is not God’s plan to let you peek ahead. The devil in your ear as I’ve said from the beginning of time if you look for it you’ll find it. All you have to do is change the way you see…. And you did,…. You listened to the devil’s in your ears instead of heaven in your heart and now we are dust, dry and choking like you in the night as you fight back the tears of you wasteful ways how many good men will you burn to ground just to see tomorrow from a higher place, how many souls will curse your name tonight because of the devil in your ear. Take my dreams with you it seems you need them more than I. For my head is clear and my heart is full of dreams you can’t have. These are mine most of which Already fufilled. Find me when you find the grass was greener it just depends on whether you water it or not…

Enough of this rant before my heart falls behind to spoil or my blood begins to boil. Good bye my lovely wanna be wife. My gas station girl who thought she knew life when really in fairness knew nothing but strife. The boys like to play with her because she can’t tell if the games they are playing come from heaven or hell. Good luck my faith kitten of pleasure and pain PLEASE my dear love take all your medicine for the place that your head is in isn’t quite sane.

The end of us,this and whatever it was. Ode to the Gas station girlfriend.




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