Hitters are quitters

As the grasp of spring night lift it’s grasp on the pending day, my head yearns for you while my body lay indifferent. I never desired your body and it’s landscape untill you left. I’m found wondering with the last taste on my lips yours. The heat on my skin from yours and the last seed planted infertal never to be a man never to be a woman just another part of me washed away for the sons of another man. This is why my lovers heart has grown cold ideas of fair turned fare at such a cost by morals and standard my internal banker said “take a loss”, cut your cost, this bird you try to cage is nothing but rage and do not wish to be hit again.

Head spinning!!I thought we were winning.? Now 3 weeks later your nothing but a hater a morals debater. That’s why my dear I’ll see ya later. Bye bye don’t cry at 94 I won’t matter anymore, so please just forget my name and one day if I’m lucky I’ll do the same. Hitters are quitters, so what was your name???

The end.

Benjamin -2018


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