Raw. .and painful…

Sorrow has a funny way of taking you by the hand and walking you down that long dark hallway. Then suddenly leaves me there wondering what the fuck happened. I’m not handling this last separation well. Sorry if you know the names of people involved. I’m more tired now than I have been in years, trying to muster up the energy for one more summer. I know my heart and soul will return but I fear I’ve had my fill of love. I’m tired of my insecurities and abandonedment issues, highten by my Parkinson’s disease, anxiety and depression. I’m a wreck and it honestly is to much to ask another one human to bare, though I will miss a woman’s hand in mine from time to time. Alone doesn’t make me affraid, I really enjoy being alone. What I hate feeling is lonely, a huge difference between the two any how I look forward to seeing what this spring and summer has to offer. New travels, tiny houses and green gardens who knows maybe an adventure or two.

On closure of this post….. Goodnight, be safe and make good choices.

I love you always. B


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