Keep moving forward.

2 days of no sleep…All I want to do is sleep… All my heart wants to do is weep and the body just keeps shaking just to see if I’m alive. There is a certainty that I shall love again, sadly it will never be you. There will be new ups and downs. New talks and walks. New photos and family stuff. The same routine that happens over and over until we find that 1 person….Now I’m not sure if there ever really is just one person, that seems to be a lot of expectation to put on someone. After my divorce I received a few pieces of advice..

1. Don’t let other people influence your heart or mind trust your gut feeling.

2. I’ll probably never have the same type of”family” or feel again.

3. Learn to embrace the solitude of life. The long nights alone without a companion. Nobody is responsible for your (my)happiness except for me.

**Tonight I’m struggling with the way a friendship of mine recently ended. It’s been a rollercoaster of a ride but I still say I’d rather die trying than not try at all. I will always live with passion for life.

Time to settle into some routine in this life again, much love and light.



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