The what if I club..Now accepting new members.

Hi, it’s been awhile or at least it feels like it. This post as I sit to write I do so as a cathartic act of healing. I’m in a good place in my head and felt right now was the time to express,so I stopped everything and here we are again in this place of words and dreams, a place of hopes and fears.

feel blessed to have made it this far in life to be honest. Yet as things begin to really noticably change with my Parkinson’s disease and anxiety and depression, the confusion fog from chemo and radiation. I find myself asking the most useless question ever… What if I… question what if I… Did this or did that different how could I have been more effective, compassionate ect.. Well folks I’m telling you now don’t go down this rabbit hole. Don’t make my mistakes. Don’t join the club. “What if I”. Should have, could have,kind of life. DON’T DO IT. It will lead to a life of regret. A life though wise left with nobody to share it with.



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