Because I’m awake 3:03am

Imagine the panic in peoples hearts and minds if God changed his mind and decided not to forgive your sins. Would you live differently. I’m having trouble wrapping my head around why people do and do not behavior certain ways. And intent, does ones behavior have multiple interpretation based on intentfulness or intentions behind the behavior or actions. I believe YES is the answer when a person is aware of what they are doing them intent is key. Its like the person who drinks to much and behaves badly, do you blame the booze or the person. Well if its a random fluke rarely happens if ever. Then it was just a bad choice, or timing. One might say th booze.
Now on the other side. What if that person does this often or knows that they ar prone to bad behavior of they drink… intent?? Do we blame or punish each person equally or does one look at patterns and intent of actions? Regardless we all are and rightly should be held accountable for ourselves and our actions but I do believe one has to look into the heart of the situation and person to accuracy decern intent.

Food for thought.

B-2018 insomnia sucks


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