Okay I got excited….huge verbal word vomit.. none abrasive.

This a carry over conversation from my Instagram post, I’ve got more to say and here is a better forum.

Simple is Best.
Happy 70th birthday Dad… If he hadn’t died suddenly 10 yes ago. Suddenly by a widow Maker heart attack, not survivable. One second I have a Dad the second I don’t.
Point being is this, between understanding and being reminded daily that life is short and you must act on your dreams. #parkinsonsdisease #mylifewithcancer

Today being my Dad’s birthday and me going through a very painful separation and transitional part of my life. I have some how regained my spark out of all this negativity that has been around me and in my head. At some point we all have to do a self assessment. Am I on track with life or am I floundering around and committing to nothing. Well I’m done waiting, I’m done carrying the grief of my divorce, the failed relationships since then around with me and letting everything weight me down. Today I am overcoming the emotional scars of my past. I give them back to the universe. My challenge to you would be the same. Do one thing In some small or big each day re-claim your happiness your spark it’s right there waiting for you.

**Continued thought process….

A food friend of mine during conversation asked, through these hardships in life what am I doing to make eachday better… How am I effecting my life?? what behavior, actionable behavior am I doing that is really in the real world not just my ego but actually making my immidate life or surroundings better.???? So to bring it all back around how do or does one bounce back from all of this life stuff that I’ve been and you’ve all been through. I made the choice today to let go of things that are holding me back in life, fear and insecurities. Also a renewed belief that I can do this. I have purpose and drive. I am made of love and I will rise above all obstacles in my way simply because I can.

Believe in yourself, make a goal, find the right support and Make it happen. The saying that we hold ourselves back is 100% true.

Be brave be bold and thrive in the life you have because you never know when it is going to change. Trust me it will.

This goes out to all the people who don’t know what to do or what direction to go. Be strong you got this

Much love. Benjamin

#iramble #insomniasucks #chatty #motivated #icandothis #thrive #disabled #iwillnevergiveup #iloveflowers


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