It’s late and I can’t sleep so I landed here. A place I often come to restore my heart and mind. I’m so full of thought that I can’t sleep and I’m huge amounts of pain because of my physical therapy today, I think I over did it. I’m dealing with some changes in my life that have made me really motivated to get the “ME” back that I want to be. All this instability and chaos is crazy and not the person I am nor want to be. Lately I’ve made some choices out of fear, fear of being alone or insecure with what I have to offer as a man.. And no not that thing, my mom reads this blog LoL. Well recently I’ve come to realize that people are going to say,do and believe what ever they want to regardless of what the reality or truth of the matter is. What do those things have anything to do with my point??? Right now as I write this I am a single man, on his planet with an infinite amount of choices. I realized that I’ve been holding myself back trying to bring people up who aren’t ready. They needed to stay on their path and figure out their life… Me Ive known what I want to do for years. I just keep derailing myself by settling for people that are on pause emotionally or in life.. like I was telling my ex last night. I’m done, you don’t want me fine bail, I’m not going to slow down. Goals goals goals, Yes I need to stop and smell the roses, but the B train is leaving are you in or out. Anyhow that as my OMG 3am why can’t I sleep thoughts.

Remember be kind.



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