I have no heart, for you have taken it from me. I have no soul for the devil and angels have been warring over it since my birth. You came into my life as an angel and the devil stold you from me again. We keep circling back to each other in different forms,places and faces but Everytime I see you I know it’s you. I loved you like I should have but not even that was enough. You saw what you think I am, but what you want to be is really what you did see and that’s free of me, sadly I wish I knew just a little bit sooner, then I wouldn’t have fallen in love with you.

My heart I gave as you made me your slave and with God as my witness it’s you that up this distance between us for you were all that I dreamed of and more than I ever could have wishes for, yet sadly you’ve been ticked by people hat would take your money rather than give you their life and make you their wife, I’m sorry that you feel I’ve failed. You bailed and wouldn’t believe that I could really be the person God sent you, my darling I am the person your meant for my love. Goodbye as I cry and wonder why… Really what truly came between you and I.

The end.



One thought on “Heart

  1. Sometimes the devil will “split” two good people in two. he knows our every weakness the scripture says. he seeks to devour “all” good things. You both were lured into his tempting snare. “rebuke” his evilness and lean “only” on Jesus’ strength not our own. The great tempter and ellusionist loves to do this. If you feel you both been blessed with each other, be honest, open, and truthful with each other. If you think God placed you both together, “test” Him on this, invite (challenge) your lost love to a Christian premarital counseling session or sessions to see what both your common ground is//likes and dislikes etc.. We both like her like you do also we’re scratching our heads on this also, don’t feel alone. God bless you; Mr. Ed

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