Letter to my Son. Vol. 6

I went to Olive garden today for lunch, it’s the first time in 4 or 5 years. Since everything bad happened. Which I will continue to pray and apologize for untill my last breath. I’m sorry I didn’t have the strength to ask for help from my family when I needed it the most. Now I’ve been with Parkinson’s disease fo a long time and survived cancer.. So much has changed. I’m sure that if you and your sister still check in on me you find me a completely different man. It’s true. This path that I somehow got derailed to has changed me. Not for the better, but not entirely for the worse. But it has changed me deeply. Living this last year in silence from tou, my son has been the single most excruciating year of my life. Never more have I thought about giving up more than I have lately. His life without you is unbearable and not the life I want or ever wanted. I hope whatever you are, both you and your sister are well. I love ,need and miss you guys more than words could ever express.

Always your Father

Benjamin M Prewitt.


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