The Storm comes….*writers write

I’m here I sit and wait. I can feel the tension growing. I sick feeling of knowing. Feel the bitter sweet dreams of this life falling from your heart and shattering upon the ground. I weep not as a scared child but as a broken man affraid of love or loving you anymore than I already do. I’m not wrong tonight my love it’s clear that you’ve crafted this to be something you want or needed to see, just how far , how far you could push me.

With tears and heavy woes again I’m left naked and exposed I can’t explain what is simply a common sense if you care not to look at me with such malcontent.

The storm comes from the valley below, always pulling at you never letting you go. I tried to stay strong and forgive and forget. This angel of heaven o demon of Set. I’m tried of lost at Sea when I can’t see you but you can see me. All is lost my love without transparency…

Benjamin M Prewitt-2018


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