Unteather my love.

As the sounds of the night echo in the distance,a car door closes as the reminder to us all that we’re never really alone. Just often really lonely. Funny thing fear and being alone can do to one’s confidence and morale. It makes us accept less than we would ever have. Simply. A short story: Once upon a time, love meant never having to be affraid. Now I’m not sure what it means to be truly loved. So many people coming and going so many sad stories to be told over and over again. These days nobody wants to commit because nobody wants to get hurt. Even myself these days I find I’m more reserved than before.. some of you are rolling your eyes as we speak 😂😂😂 I’ve grown, though begrudgingly to accept that I most likely will never have another “normal” physical/soulful relationship. Sometimes it bothers me lots like tonight, but others times I’m rather thankful.

My head is swimming with thoughts tonight millions of them, and all I really wanted was a safe place to rest for the night. Unteather my love.

This lower section is a bit of a ramble, so if that matters then read no further.

In this madness of modern day communication, stop and look at yourself. The real you, not your FB page or Instagram. But you, take a look at the people who really are there.. those are your people that are in your real life. With all this advancement of knowledge and humans relationship yet we still cheat and lie to each others faces just to avoid the consequences of our own actions. Just a social observation, btw. I’m not sure what or if I like what the world has turned into these days. If words mean then nothing to a world gone cold then I shall sit quietly and wait to die, count my blessings and be thankful for the life I’ve had the honor of living. Anyhow I’m done for tonight. I hope wherever the world finds you that you are kind to it and it to you.



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