Blessings and surprises

Once upon a time, I was like so many of you out there. I had a good job that I was good at. I had the two kids, 2 cars, cats, a wife and house that I’d finally after a lifetime built.

Then came Parkinson’s disease in 2009, diagnosed by 2011 and retired by 2012. Deemed Federally unfit for duty in 2014, diagnosed with inoperable metastic throat cancer in 2016 which brings us to this year 2018 where I’m embroiled in a battle with the same company that helped me through the process my LTD insurance company Cigna. Like a made for TV movie during cancer treatment 10 weeks of chemo and radiation treatments. Cigna does a random 6 year review which is leagel per policy but completely underhanded. In my chemo fog I give them what I believe is the most recent information. Here’s where it gets good…. They deny my claim after 6 years based on lack of information!!!!! Like someone found a cure for Parkinson’s disease 😱😱😱 So since September of last year I’ve been without the income my LTD insurance provides and simply depending on the grace of God and kind souls to provide for my well being. Rent and Medicaid and Medicare aren’t free when you’re only 47. Huge amounts of gratitude for my SSDI. With no Carer and no roommate. I’ve been forced to make a huge decision of whether or not to fight to stay in my house or give up everything I’ve worked for since my Divorce and separation from K a few years ago. Okay now to the blessings.

Here a is the last piece SOLD. Thanks to Mrs. Green and dear friend whom I’ve know since the beginning of this journey with Parkinson’s disease and cancer. Also my dear friend Ms.Cole who has bought one and commissioned 2 more.

Angels both of you are to me and I’m forever thankful for your support. You’ve given hope wich is something I’ve been running out of in a way I’ve never experienced before. So truly thank you from my soul to yours.



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