Into the heart of darkness man falls so so quickly to his death. A labor of love and loss of sacrifice and supplication given without proper consent yet given freely non the less. Not the human we were nor the human we shall be, yet who and what are we now. 

Now hearts and prayers, minds and souls, bodies meshed bonded by heartstrings torn and twisted barely a breath between them as God’s fire rages in his Angels souls. Such grace in naivety and such wisdom behind a mask worn just for me, such lessons have yet to be painted, yet to be torn from this body like like ravenous vultures to rotten corpse. Yet to be taken from your rotting The dawn comes soon.. I should leave this place of words and wisdom. Place of freedom. Hope and dreams come true and ended. Until next time my dear friend,until then all my love.

Benjamin 2018

All my love all the time.


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