The morning burns

Like a cold needle slowly being inserted under your toenail. Slowly burning it’s way up.your foot to your ankle. Travels up your leg cramping and seizing every muscle as it pulses it’s way through each fiber along the way. Slow drilling it’s way home to a deep.seeded pocket of hellish pain that lives in my hips. I wish could explain the amount of pain and kind of pain this is. If I was just a tad less attached to this particular toe I’d chop it right off if I thought it would stop the pain. Thankfully at this juncture I’m not that far gone.

Well there we are I guess My morning has started. Coffee,meds, Instagram, Facebook.,..Gosh sure we humans waste an amazing amount of time. Not living real lives but simply posting the pretty parts we want the world to see. Not here not me, not my job. I’m here to explain what it’s like to live with and die from the process of Parkinson’s disease. I’m here to paint and write the emotions we all have feel deeply yet have the most trouble expressing. I intend to be a voice of hope and love to all until my last breath. 

Much love and light. Benjamin-2018 “For all of my days and all that come after.”


5 thoughts on “The morning burns

  1. I’m not liking this post because of your pain. I’m liking it because you’re one of the bravest people it has ever been my pleasure to meet. Keep chronicling your days and maybe it will be a testimony to leave to the researchers who need to get on with things and find better pain management.

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    • my dear friend, so good to hear from you. The pain incredible lol neuropathy from either the PD or the chemo but it’s been bad for a few weeks now. Deeply breathing through the other be in my life.


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