You do not love this heart

You do not love this heart, for you toss it aside at every chance. I run from conviction and strength call it weak. I call it love and dedication. Can you say you think of me with love or is it with destain and remorse. I see the curl of your lips as the last bit of love leaves your face. You have no time or compassion. Too many playthings gather for your attention amd i cant compete for I’m broken you view me less though ive lived through thinhs that would destroy most men.

You call me weak, yet i bend to your every wish. I lift you up and ask for only loyalty yet you chase men and their attentions like dogs chase cars and bikes. There was time in tbis world when strangers couldnt just walk in and say hi, whats up. There was time before this one and the others where love meant that you loved only one and those attentions only went to one. Now with the push of a button our attentions can be drawn away at blink of eye right at the dinner or as you watch a movie with your love. Sad really how we think we pay attention but we don’t we fake it until the next one comes by with a hello, hey there. I think the worlds and mad or maybe i come from a time forgotten when good men loved fully and never looked away. When a good woman never strayed or entertain the attentions of other men. Gone are the godly days gone are the days of pure hearts and soulful love. Have I given you to much of my heart, possibly as the hole in it is still there. You dont love this heart its been broken to many times.

Words fall from the sky like feathers off angels wings as i search for a path that leads back to a place called home.


A rant of a confused heart.

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