These Arms..

These arms weep with sorrows heavy as the day goes and quickly becomes night again. Another day, week without you by my side.

Knowing I’ll never know the taste of your kiss or softests skin…. For this life causes such grief and madness in us all. Stories that begin and never end. Always searching for a thing i lost years ago, my mind, my heart or my keys…? In jest;Mayhaps just my marbles as they crashed from your table-side mason jars.

Angels fall from skies as we all watch on with blind eyes and cold hearts tempered from years of numbing pain… Years of ethernet glow crumbling our minds and hearts to the point of complete disconnect. Sadly humanity has been lost at the cost of knowledge and wisdom at the expence of youth and experience..

Faith isn’t an option in a society of freedom of speech and bullets fly from weapons of man carried by children of entitlement and lack of respect. Gone are days of men amongst boys now everyone gets a piece for free or perhaps just a small slice of (y)our soul(s)….. The End.

B-2017 “I write Stuff.”


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