5am somewhere

The cold has arrived en mass as the winds from the south have been relentless for days. It started as slowly as fire in spring rain and ended in swirling frost of confusion and delusional daydreams. Born from a man caught on deaths edge grasping at the unspent hopes of childhood as his demons claw their way from hells depths.

A mind slipping as a body slowly decays. People run in fear and gaurd their hearts. Faces twist in shapes of distgust and distrust of things they care not know the horrid details of. Such horres are its deathmask rigid, frozen in time and lost in a mind padded with pills, prose and paint.

Words are slowly becoming my only escape as this body grows tired. Both thoughts and action requiring the same amount of efforts, giving way are the colours of my life as this heart grower by the day and the words that fall from the sky quickly become….. It must 5am somewhere for there we could surely meet.

Benjamin-2017 #iwritestuff


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