Into the night

Into the night i walk with no more fear. I have none left for it is all gone, this thing that manifests itself when the unknown reaches in. Fear, i take your hand tonight and embrace what will come with dedication and passion that the living have never seen. To slowly come back down to this earth this time and place.. To truly be present in this shell. To breath again as a man and poet, artist and traveler of this world. To bring light to the darkness and truth to blind,wicked and weak of heart.

Into the night i walk with no fear in my heart. You are my river, a stream of strength that god himself cast upon this life as a golden stream of light when i was child. I’ve waited and lived a thousand years just to drink from your lips again one more time before this light fades into the night. I shall lift you to stars and heavens above, exalt you above all others as you would for I in these days of easy touch and go. I am with you always as you are in me… In my heart tucked safe an sound from the darkness that abounds. We are home you and I.

Into the night i walked with a small amount of peace in my heart that I’ve not felt in years.. The End.


“Be brave, be bold and thrive in the life you have.” you never know when things will change and change they will. benjamin


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