If you listen….(early AM freewrite)

Why is it here…. In the dark of the morning that my heart breaks for you the most. Is it here where i lost you amongst the trolls and giants. Amongst the ghosts of unwritten love letters and goodbyes never said in time. Is it here that i lost you amongst the thieves of the night that linger until last call… If you listen you can still feel my heart beat with yours. I can still taste the salt of your skin the taste of tears as your bad dreams fade away… I should have kept you forever my blue butterfly, such dreams only come once in a lifetime. Sadly our paths were meant for others to cross and cross again before we should ever speak eachothers name twice again.

A lifetime in a lifetime, across a field of nightmares I’ve run from since i was a child….So many planes, so many bombs. i wondered if the world would ever stop shaking….. Then, then i remembered it was me not the earth who was shaking as the sun was making her last kiss to the moon good bye…. If you listen you can still hear his heart breaking as the sun caressed the sky..

The end.


**early AM freewrite a poetic flow to let my mind go and let words leak from my head. Kisses B.


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