Forgive me not whispers.

There are no words to explain the chaos that reigns down upon me on this day of all days or anyday as it or may have been. The winds of time have whipped and frayed me to the core of cores…. And i have walked or wiggled my way so far,….. Yet home never came back….Never once..

Now this heart is done with love or so it seems.. I’ve grown tired of the chase. A heart, a poem, a sleeve and soul with no filters as i look blankly at the walls like a child recording every sound, every change and subtly. With eyes blurred by time, tinted by roses once, uet now turned to stone as this burden and worry grow deep.

Such falsehoods we keep as the dancers dance remembering all thing have weight and we have a choice everyday of whom we shall be… And how we shall behave.

Foregive me not whispers in the dark are like white lies on the darkest night… Giving little comfort by the light day and truth of honor.

The end


**written not today.


5 thoughts on “Forgive me not whispers.

  1. I love you baby.. so cute as a little boy..don’t let that little boy run away anymore he still has plenty of love in him to give and take.. quit being so grown up!! It’s only life on this earth as planned there is a “better place” Love you so much ..momma

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  2. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers may sound lame but I don’t know what else I can do … except to tell you I know others who have gone thru dark and painful times and come through it. You write so beautifully like your paintings. How you weave these words from your heavy heart, I pray your body will feel weightless and relaxed and pain free. Thank you for sharing yourself. Keep writing please.

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    • You my friend im thankful for so very dearly. You’ve never judge me always forgiven and know my best intent. Your art work and inner personal strength is an inspiration in my life. Thank you. Always. Benjamin


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