Hardship-Art sale

Oh let me count the ways life has taken a turn for the worse. CIGNA my ltd insurance company put my claim in “Appeals” status due to lack of info!!?? Cold hearted since Parkinson’s disease is a progressive uncureble disease so for the last month and half ive been living on 57$ i paid my rent 975 and my health isnsurence 405. So since this is really happing i will be putting some of my favorite painting up for sale… There will be an “ASK price and a bid request price. Shipping is not included.



Framed “Push me pull you”

24×36 framed ASK 250 BID 175 ORIG:750

Very large piece.

Ode to DeKooning

36×48 framed ASK 400 BID 250 ORIG:1500

Heart Broken ASK 250 BID 150 ORIG 500

“The Last Coral” 24×24″ ASK 250 BID 200 ORIG 750

**Feature painting is “Wild Hoarses” ASK 500 BID250 ORIG: NSF 2500

Its embarasssing to have to do this, sell the paintings i keep for myself but this life requires things i no longer posses. Therefore i must give in return for what i ask.

Much love and light. Email me specificly if interested im a piece. bmprewitt@comcast.net


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