There is a sorrow in my heart that can only be the reminder that each of us see things in different a light. We choose greedily to protect our white lies and whole truths. These things we think tether us to this earth. Sadly in the end when all then skin and bones melts away are we are all not judged on the way we treat others. Sorrow buried its head in my heart and soul today and with sorrow will stay for many a day, for today I lost hope in mankind and its wicked ways. Ive only wanted ever to love and be loved

But there is book on this insanity called life. There is no do this, do that assurence in humanity. No true word of coviction and morality. I will do what I sat I will do. There is very little honor amongst men and even less with women. This place has lost its heart and soul. Scambli g for the crumbs of life like a begger in the steeet with sorrow and my heart and sorrow at my feet.

The end

Benjamin “The Angels have gone” 2017


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