Eachday this life.

Not sure why each morning my heart breaks


Why each morning I’m left with an ache only your smile can cure. It seems as though the sight of face makes me happy. I Feel soothed in a world so full chaos. So full of echoes, floods of feelings with unmarked destionations flow from my mind to the canvas of your blank numb forelorn heart. Abused? Or so naive that the first taste of life soured your heart forever.

Ghosts….. We all have them. Some of us many, some of us broken and alone. Children of gods light torn from the bussom of angels before our time. Made aware to young to understand that everyone leaves that it is just part of life…. I break so easily now… This heart given away to freely, to many times abused. Why do people fear the truth.? I wear my heart on my sleeve and my mind in my mouth but i shall not ever with intent cast the first stone of judgment until judged unfairly or with tinted glasses of deciept. This heart is pure now. I accept who i am, what I’ve become. Monster or man, something inbetween. Only the angels and demons in my heart will ever truly know as I do not fear the judgment of man for I answer to higher calling. Since birth has this life be given up. Left behind, lost, taken, starved and beaten. This body knows pain and fire from hell. This soul knows the gut wrenching nausea caused by great loss and grief. No i do not fear death or the loss of this body… I fear lonesome life here on earth. I fear a dull pallette of words and paint. I fear a life unloved or unlived wasted and alone…. Rejected time and again… This is what i fear my life has become… The worse i get the further they go away. The further they go the farther i wish to flee. “For once you wish upon a star,” says the quote.

Into what heart of darkness does this levey breach. Such heavy waves of color and words crash at my feet each moring just before dawn when waves pull and the moon pushes the sun from behind… Chasing her love yet always a day away…. Never close enough touch yet always in reach.. So goes the story or so I was told a million billion years ago by a star to a star from afar and wished and i waited. For this life has given me everything and left me with nothing sadly I am simply a man a human man of heart, flesh and bone. A soul yearning to be heald in the arms of an angel once again. THE END


© 2017 “Be brave, be bold and thrive in the life you have.” You never know when it will change and change it will.


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