The morning

Such burning hearts of desire get read for the mornings in darkness when my heart yearns for you the most. Silken skin hidden behind behind eyes that are so pure. Though the a mind of devious child in womans body. A heart that fears touch and a vessel that craves it. Torn of mind and faith, of body and soul. Faith guildes bight but spotted with sin. Hospitals full of the sick of mind and body, churches full of the sinners and perverted of mind. Shamefull acts yet forgiven are the weak and left behind for food for the demons.

This knight waits, heals from the devils grip and gods firm hand as the universe tosses and turns. Be wary for my strength grows and king gain shall i be. Of broken heart and endless soul cursed to walk a thousand years in a thousand souls. Mixed of gods light and the devils desires, human bound to a form of bent and broken, body that shivrers in the cold morning air dreaming of times gone bye. A tear just one for a hole never healed aways open waiting for a sons return. Waiting for my heavens return.

A pause for those who have lost hope in the arms of an angle saddened by life, ripped bloody and tired of the daily hell of living a life unwanted. Punished for deeds undone causes uncontroled by maddess of heart and mind. Forever marked as traitor of man. Forgive my transgresions for an i not just man. Pure of heart lost wo dering in the morining darkness of my mind….. I give way to the dawn and bid thee farewell my loves, my lovers, the was of because and chasers of doves. The tamers of dagons and butterfly kisses from angels above. The End.

benjamin-2017 “Be brave , be bold and thrive in the life you have.” you never know when things will change, but change they will…


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