Into the darkness 

Into black numb void

I fall again and again

Tasked by life as tool for the

Advancement of others.

Learning patience at the

deepest soulful level is leaving me exhausted. My giving heart is broken blind and foolish as child with pot of gold giving it freely to the strangers as they walk through my life. Gone are the roots of this old oak. Branches broken hollowed by time, disease and neglect. Now is the time of winters coming and without sunshine i fear the darkness of the void. This mortal coil of madness and flesh and human heart strings played for purpose to tune of need and greed. A woeful song of pity and foolishness all to simply feel alive. To feel alive in failing body a scattered mind…. Winters coming, let the fires burn unbridled as the colours fade away befor the winds turn frigid and the trees bare their bones to all. 

The End. B.


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