0303 am 12-10-2017

Waking from dead sleep to feel my heart break across the shores of life. This world so ufair as people use each eachother for their own cruel intent. Heart string break so easily yet mend almost never to full strength. Sadly you never really loved me. You were a princess, a broken ballerinia with heart of gold and thw morals of devil her self. You take what you wish then leave when its hard. Blame others of not understanding and then throw away the one who can see you clearly yet didn’t mind. Had one question. Just the truth, could have been yes could have no. Coukd have been blue for all i care i just wanted an answer and you…. You were to scared. Or maybe you’d another, which Id like to think was true because what you did to me i’d never do to you.

***3am words from a dead sleep.


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