The unknown.

Into a paradoxical world they stared.. Confronted with the evils of the world at each face but neither comepletly safe without the other. One an old soul crying the knights armour such rusted heart strings pulled through catgut screams as aboy resuced by god himself and set chase by demons as a boy. Always running from self always working to death such pittiful pride reaks of death and tremor but will such golden hearts prevail. This fleece Autumns gift of angels and sunlight on my face the chill of winters kiss at my feet. Hot chocolate Sundays and firewood heat.

Such gifts don’t come often in life but but rarely do the truly soulfully connected find eachother in a world so torn to shreads by mans dishonesty. A world torn between right and wrong, between faith and function. The inanbilty to be truly and woefully connected to the human heart bare and pure. True and clean. Do we not all fail to given in and simply except that we are what we are as we move through time. Each thought, move, vibration of soul is choice and porposful to life it self. >Ωθ<

Thoughts I thought id share.



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